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January 14/15, 1978

23 Oct

Titing + Auring arrive too.  celebrate Tayong’s arrival with all our family.  We went to Rico’s house.  Tayong + Jr’s family left 2:30 p.m for San Diego, they arrived 12:00 p.m.

January 13, 1978

23 Oct

Jr. + family arrived 4:00 a.m. Saturday, Gloria + family, Cesar Mike+ Lindo’s family.  We celebrate Leslee birthday, ham, roast beef, chicken puto, bico, lumpia + pionono, cake

The whole family’s birthdays

10 Oct

(This was written in the back of a small, brown journal containing entries from 1978 to 1979.  It is one of the many notes she writes throughout her journals listing birthdays, anniversaries and dates of significant moments in her life.)

December 2, 1934

Mr. + Mrs. Quintin A. Ramil and the whole family’s birthdays

Married in Tondo, Manila, P.I. IEMELIF

1. Quintin A. Ramil – Oct. 31. 1908

2. Fausta R. Ramil – Dec. 19, 1910

3. Quintin R. Ramil Jr. – Apr. 12, 1938

4. Norma R. Matro – July 10, 1942

5. Mario R. Ramil – June 21, 1946

6. Al R. Ramil – July 2, 1948

7. Gloria R. Omania – Nov. 10, 1949

8. Cesar R. Ramil – Sept. 26, 1951

9. Michael R. Ramil – May 29, 1957

10. Carlos C. Matro – June 18, 1933

11. Teresita R. Ramil – Sept. 13, 1938

12. Luis Omania – June 19, 1946

13. Dean R. Matro – April 29, 1963

14. Norlynn Matro – Jan. 25, 1965

15. Quintin Ramil III – Nov. 21, 1963

16. Ramon Ramil – Jan. 17, 1965

17. Joycelyn Omania – Oct. 17, 1969

18. Jayson Omania – Sept. 20, 1971

19. Jude W. Ramil – Feb. 18, 1950

20. Filipina F. Ramil – June 12, 1949

21. Tressy R. Ramil – Aug. 15, 1973

22. Crystal Ramil – Oct. 27, 1973

23. Jeniffer R. Omania – May 1, 1974

24. Roxanne R. Ramil – Jan. 5, 1975

25. Leslee Dawn Ramil – Jan. 13, 1975

26. Michelle R. Matro – April 22, 1976

27. Jonathan W. Ramil – March 23, 1982

28. Melanie V. Ramil – June 7, 1982

29. Anthony Ramil – Feb. 12, 1987

30. Anita V. Ramil –

Dad + Mom married in Tondo, Manila, P.I.

Dec. 2, 1934

Carlos + Norma married in Reno, Nevada

Aug. 18, 1962

Jr. + Tessie married in Paniqui, Tarlac

Philippines Oct. 14, 1962

Luie + Gloria married in Reno, Nevada

May 3, 1969

Mario + Jude married in Reno, Nevada

Nov. 6, 1971

Al + Fil married in San Francisco

Calif. Dec. 9, 1972

Cesar + Anita – Nov. 9, 1980

Mike + Sandy – Aug. 29, 81

Dec 24, 1977

6 Oct

Xmas afternoon we are here to open the Xmas presence.  Gloria made the Family tree.  Jr. gave Xmas $125 my birthday $25.00 Norma sends $75.00 for Xmas $25 birthday Mario ” 25.00 ” ” 20.00 ” Lindo gave 50.00 ” Gloria gave 50.00 ” Cesar gave 30.00 ” Mike gave 25.00 ” 380.00 ” going to Hawaii

Letter to Jordan – Feb. 15, 2007

2 Oct

(When Jordan was in 7th grade, he was given an assignment to write to a family member.  He and Grandma exchanged letters for the next few months – these will be transcribed and marked as “Jordan and Lola Letters” for the blog.  Here is the first response from Grandma – for this one, we do not have the original letter he sent that prompted this reply.)

Feb. 15, 2007

Dear Jordan,

When I was teen age, this my things I’m doing everyday. about 50 us, all teen age, boys + girls, go work from our place to Binakiak, bario of Norsa (?) to (word) mango plantation of Mr. Carpenter pulling weeds, happy walking about 4 kilometers from our place to Binakiak, everybody is happy. Manager pay us. Grandpa my father is very smart.

We are very happy walking together to work, nothing about school thats my life when I was 16 years old.  When I reach 24 years old, I met your Grandpa Quintin A. Ramil. he in the Navy since 1929.  We were engage for 6 years.  Then in Dec. 2, 1934, he went to Philippines + asked to marry, so 1934, Dec. 2, we were married.  We were very happy life so we have seven children.  Quintin Jr., Norma, Mario, Alohalindo born in Hawaii Tripple hosptial, Gloria, Cesar, Mike.  I’m proud all our children are in good life + healthy so all grandchildren + great grandchildren. thank God for all of this.  I’m very very old of my life, happy.  God give all strength of my life + everything.  Thanks God I pray for all you.

Don’t forget to pray all time, + make everything right.  Thanks everything.  God give us everything we need.  I’m very old + hope + pray God will take care of me.

Hope all of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren will be care, happy of our God.

Take good care of yourselves + be healthy.

Thanks God for Blessed we received everyday!

Grandma Ramil

Nov. 16, 2002

22 Sep

Saturday wake up 6:00 a.m. exercise take a bath, dress up, comb my hair, packed my things going to Sacramento to see Roxanne having her second baby, Jr. + Tessie are there. eat raisins bread, yam, hot chocolate for breakfast, wash laundry, dry, fold put in places, watch TV put dishes in place shelves, wash dishes, Gloria cook oatmeal for breakfast, we ate breakfast, chew 2 tums to digest my food 12:00 take a nap, up 1:30 4:00 p.m. go to Sacramento I throw good today, 2:00 p.m. eat rice with picadillo for lunch, 4:00 p.m. ready to go to Sacramento.  Rox house, arrived 6:00 p.m. eat rice – for dinner – chicken nilaga with potatoes + cabbage, pechay, Tessie is cooking.  We at Louie’s truck me, Gloria + Louie, Jen + John reach Sacramento 11:30 p.m. we sleep at Rox house, me, Leslee, Louie, Gloria, Cesar, Mike, John Jordan.  On the morning, Jr. Tessie cooked fried rice, eggs, sausage, bacon.  I eat chocolate, coffee orange juice for breakfast, we ate at 8:00 a.m. all of us, Rox is fine, At 9:00 a.m. all of us left Rox house, except Jr. + Tessie stay waiting for Roxanne give birth, God help her to have her baby.  Arrive Concord safe + sound at 10:3o a.m. eat heavy breakfast.  Tessie cooked Rox house.

Feb. 22, 1992 – Saturday.

18 Sep

Wake up 7:00 a.m. wash my face, brush my teeth + dress up with shirts for the Competition.  Concord calld at 1:10 p.m. to dance, good, perfect, no mistake about 500 girls join the competition California high school cheerleader. lots of Mothers attend, at 3:06 p.m. they will perform again Pom pom – sorry I dont watch it, because Jr. + Tessie pick me to go to Mass of Filipino priest, one hour service, Jr. in the choir, Tessie didn’t she no practice, they serve some Filipino delicacies + drinks, then go to Fred + Ope’s house to eat dinner with nilagong manok. inichao na bangus may vege sa look ng bangus.  Fred had 2 sons I gave the older on $5.00, younger $3.00 as I don’t have cash.  Then 7:00 p.m. Jr. + Tessie went to dance, they’ll be back to Fred’s house to sleep there Saturday night, then Fred, two (word) + me left too to drive me to Irvin, the (word) place for Competition – Fred save Gloria.  I watch again the competition + distributing the thropies who was first, second + Concord High School Songleader received 3 big trophies, going to Irvine + go back to Disneyland Hotel Big train drive us, all people who were at Disneyland include with the Hotel payment.  We rides three times of ride in Disneyland, eat frozen bananas on the way to see beautiful plants flowers, water fountain. – Judy + Mom in one bed, Gloria + me in one bed – at the hotel.  After the competition ride they big train go to hotel.  I met Judy’s Mom + we get closer + closer, she escorts me on walking all over the place.  I like her, I love her, in the hotel one Mother gave us massage on our back on bed.  I can’t forget that lady.  I feel good.

This is my Will if I die!

18 Sep

(This was written on one of the inside pages of the flower journal – blue and purple flowers.)

– Final –

Dec. 19, 1992 – 1993 – 1994 – 1995 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 1999 –

This is my Will if I die!

1. I want to wear my Filipina gown. In my dresser want to wear my Filipino gown green, on the closet left side, in my drawer top of my drawer – my blue gown to wear if I die –

2. My bank account on Home Savings with Gloria + Jr’s name, will be divided equally to our seven children + spouses.

3. My Bank of America account – new mutual fund – is my expenses for myself if, some left, will be divided to my grandchildren + great grandchildren.  Mario’s name is there, + He will handle this will for me.

4. I have life insurance, Surety Life Ins. Jr. is the agent. that’s the expenses for my funeral.

5. Everything in my room + all my jewelry is up to Norma + Gloria what they like to do with it, clothing

6. If I’m weak, can’t move I like to stay in hospital.

7. I’ll like all my children + grandchildren to visit our graves (Dad + Mom.) some times in their life.

8. Safe is left for Louie + Gloria;


– Please, Mario handle my Will! –

I loves you all!


Thursday – Dec. 19, 1991

18 Sep

Dec. 19, 1991, 10:00 a.m. a man bring a basket of fresh poinsethia with some live plants in it birthday gift from Carlos, Norma + Michelle, the plants came from Clayton Florist in Concord. beautiful, fresh with flowers. 4:00 p.m. received birthday cards from Jr. + family + Feling Palaganas + children.  Joy call from Sacramento + Cesar from Livermore, Happy Birthday.  7:00 p.m. we went to Concord High School to watch Jeniffer sing in the choir + the Concord Band. good music + Christmas songs.  Lots of people watch.  I cooked chicken with satanghon (Long Lives) + Gloria buy cakes + have dinner outside on Saturday.

July 30, 2000 – Sunday

18 Sep

Wake up 6:30 a.m. wash face, brush teeth, eat breakfast.  All men play golf.  Titing, Auring + family left 11:00 a.m. going home, Jr. Tessie, Ray Mercedez, Shane left 12:00 to San Diego, all left home.  House is clean.  – I throw today – Norma is not coming, I gave Mike $100.00 help for Sandy’s funeral, I gave Gloria check for Aug. 3, 2000 help for food + expenses – $400.00, all go home Sacramento, Al + Fil go home.  Cesar went home, 5:00 p.m. went Pleasanton Mike’s house to eat dinner, rice + chinese food, Norma Jude + Jill sleep there to board the plane.