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July 19, 1994

17 Sep

left San Diego Jr. + me on Van, Rox + Jen in car, when are reach highway 5 Templehon (?) highway van was getting hot, so Jr. stop in side the freeway + called rescue car carry the van.  I ride with Rox + Jr. + Jen ride the car of following the van until we reach 76 gas station + fix the Van.  stay in 2 hours, Jr. sent another van + direct to Concord In the morning Jr. drive Jen + Rox to Sacramento with all Rox stuff.

July 15, 1994

17 Sep

Sunday afternoon went to Charito’s house, their 17th wedding anniversary, lots of food for dinner + suman, galaman for desert.  I met my compadre + comadre the Roxas, they fine, Comadre, like me in right knee.  Compadre Ramon is fine, no pain, then passed by Senior citizen center where a baptismal party with lots of food, dimet (?) + puto buking, helea ube puta, kutsimta + drinks.  come back home at 10:00 p.m. + go to sleep. 

Jeniffer arrived Saturday morning, Tressy pick her.  Monday morning exercise put my things ready Tuesday morning to go back to Concord.  take pills, breakfast + watch TV prize is right 10:00 a.m.