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April 15, 1978

25 Sep

Walk 7:00 a.m. eat breakfast Gloria + family, Lindo + family Cesar + Mike come over for dinner. they sleep at Fil’s home Mike sleep home.

April 12, 1978

25 Sep

Walk 7:00 a,m. eat breakfast Watch TV. received my order dress long. I fix it. Stay home at 5:00 went to Fil houesd to bring asparagus.

April 8-9, 1978

20 Sep

Take a bath, water the indoor plants, wash all laundry go with Mike, go to Fil place in the afternoon. Sunday go to church. I exercise + crochet, watch TV

April 7, 1978

20 Sep

Walk 7:00 a.m. Watch TV Fil, Crystal + Leslee come over Al, Cesar eat dinner here. Cooked roast chicken + fruits. Cesar sleep here.

March 17, 1978

14 Sep

Go to Fil’s house their rug are new, bake cookies + watch TV, water plants outside call members – Fil Am

March 6, 1978

12 Sep

Take Leslee + Crystal to school Lindo, Fil eat lunch with us. They left home. Go to post office to mail Jude’s shawl + letter, have blood pressure 144/82 (normal) iron + watch TV

March 4-5, 1978

12 Sep

Take a bath, cooked Louie, Gloria + kids, Cesar + Mike come over for dinner Fils Aunties + Mom visits us. Take merienda + left. Sunday we went to church + TV.