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December 17, 1993

17 Sep

Friday, excise, take a bath, eat lunch at the office Five Star travel, watch TV I write this notes not to forget doing in Hawaii

December 11, 1993

17 Sep

Huntington Beach 3:00 p.m.  they have a club Filipino, they celebrate every year.  this year they held at Condominium where Jojo is in charge of the Model home, side by the dock, lots of small ship station, they show parade of ships with beautiful lights, so we watch the parade at the window of condominium Jojo is in charge, he sold already about 24 condominium.  I said you had lots of Commissions, he said, I’m not for commissions, I’m for salary every year I ask Auring he much he receive a year, she said $7,000.00 a year – free vacation + all his expenses his Boss is Japanese living in New York.

December 12, 1993 – Part 2

17 Sep

Mario, my son is a Judge of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, arrive Tita’s house at 1:00 p.m. we eat lunch + at 3:00 p.m. Titing + Auring pick me, eat dinner + sleep.  Monday at 5:30 p.m. – we board Hawaiian Airlines, arrive Honolulu Airport 10:00 p.m. Mario at the claim baggage waiting for us.  On the van Jude, Jon + Bradley, arrive Norma’s house at 11:00 p.m. Hawaii time 9:00 p.m. – eat snack + go to bed.  Early in the morning I took a bath + then Carlos, Titing, Auring waiting for me to eat breakfast.  by God’s help, Carlos is well, fine + can go up + down their room.  By 11:00 a.m. Titing drive Norma’s car with Auring + me go to Filipino restaurant – Ilong Ilong to eat lunch, go to Commissary, they buy, fish, meat, bring to the house.  Norma prepare barbecue, chicken, salads ham + cook fish.  Lots of people, Carlos town mates visit him + that night we had a party + Norma’s buy cake to celebrate my birthday + Titing.  They sing Happy Birthday to me.  I was surprise.

December 12, 1993

17 Sep

Went to Huntington Beach + Hawaii Dec 1993.  Me alone drive Louie, Gloria me to Oakland airport, southwestern airline.  Gloria introduce me to the stewardes + she take me to the second row seat, I’m alone.  left Oakland Airport 9:00 a.m. arrived Los Angeles airport 10:00 a.m. where Tita at the gate waiting for me, on the plane a Filipino boy from Mindanao seats by my side at left.  he is mestizo + speak Tagalog (28 year old.  I introduce him to Tita, she give the boy a card of Five Star Travel.  the boy ask for it.  I give him also Mario’s card.  he is also happy when I told him The boy live in Los Angeles with a son.

June 1, 1993

17 Sep

Went to Hawaii June 1, 1993, me, Louie, Gloria Joy + Marty for a vacation.  We had a real vacation.  coming back home June 9, 1993, Don + Judy Dumpit pick us at the airport in San Francisco. We had a tea party at Waikiki beach for Sandy’s having a baby + Joy for her graduation with Norma, Judy, Jill, Gloria, Anita + Me, everythings in perfect way.