Lola’s Lessons, as observed by C-14

14 Sep

Grandma’s journal entries are at once seemingly simple – just filled with her daily doings, from what she ate to chores to who visited that day – and yet tremendously powerful, impactful, and inspiring. As the privileged one to be able to read her every days’ words, it is easy to be moved by her and the values she held dear, which seem to be so clear in her writing. Because I feel selfish keeping all of her goodness to myself, I just wanted to have a space to jot down my thoughts and observations as I’m typing out her words. This list will surely grow as I continue to type, so hopefully you enjoy and are inspired along the way, as I am.

So, welcome to what I now deem to be “Lola’s Lessons” as observed by yours truly (Cousin #14 of 17)…

  1. Appreciate the small things. Appreciate small moments. Appreciate daily life.
  2. Notice the beauty in the everyday.

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