Lola’s Pocket Dictionary (by guest writer Anthony Ramil)

23 Oct

Miscellaneous Notes in Lola’s Pocket Dictionary (by guest writer Anthony Ramil)

As the apparent “writer of the family,” I was given my grandmother’s pocket dictionary.  While its utility may be outdated and unnecessary, the gift is a treasure trove.  Its gems?  Miscellaneous notes by Lola.  Apparently, a tub full of journals wasn’t enough to chronicle the important memories of her life.

Inside cover:

June 3, 1994 – Gloria buy rice cooker + pot.

May 24, 1995 – rice-cooker begins working for dinner 1 year guarantee

June 3, 1995 – Send to Ben Ramil check of $50.00 help for funeral of his wife – adress to Norma’s address inHawaii

He recieved it.             Tia Fausta

answer me (in different color ink, as an addendum to “He recived it”)

Glorias ph work – ###-8138

Judy Dumpit ph – ###-9808


House – ###-5482


Cover page:

Aug. 23, 1988



Bought it in Old Sacramento Store



Hearing Aid at Leonardo’s catalog, + batteries

Low price

Page 14 (I checked page 14 but saw nothing related.  The words “antibiotic,” “antibody,” “anxiety,” and “anxious” are circled.)


Bottom of last page:

Parenting succeed

Be alert – watchfull

Be appreciative – showing appreciation


Back cover:

March 1996

They place a new roofing of the house


ignore – means refuce, dont like

focus – adjustment – right


Apart from these notes at the beginning and end of the dictionary, almost every single page has a word circled, most have several.  It’s entertaining and enlightening to imagine what Lola was experiencing that made her pick up the dictionary and look up words.  What was going on that prompted certain words to be circled?  Here’s an example of circled words from page 157: “immoral,” “immortal,” “immovable,” “immune,” “impassable,” “impasse,” and “impeach.”

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