Jan. 14, 1974

2 Oct

lunch to Comareng charing Eleoze’s mom 11:30 a.m. with Leila. (Note I might forget) Connie, Fil’s sister is in hospital in N.E. for Cesarean birth of 5 month pregnancy, the baby died inside, so the Dr. does Cesarean to get the baby out. she is doing fine. coming home soon. Monday Jan. 14, 1974.

Romy’s business is illegal during Martial Law, so Romy said the appliance + sewing machine better to be burned, than they will arrest him + his family. About P200,000 worth of jukeboxes, slot machine was burned. Cesar told us + Luming said it’s better Trining did not come crazy.

Jan. 14, 1974 – Lunch to Comareng Charing’s house – hipong – mala-lake, pakbet, alimasag, saging dinalao pa ako ni Rene mag daling (word) + suman. Eleazer, ekao dao ang Ninong ni Edgar 5 months old, anak ni Rene, may proxy eat rice + Coke. (Note to Eleazer from Herninia (Nene) your Time savings is renwed o.k. $50.00 check was cash last Dec. 1973.

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