Sunday Dec. 23, 1973

28 Sep

I called Trining no body answered.

Dec. 26, 1973 I called again Romy answered:  They are all in Pance, their house is closed.

Dec. 18, 1973: 10:00 a.m. I send special delivery mail to Gov. + Mrs. Castro, Mr. + Mrs. Ramon Roxas Mrs. Marcelina Flores.  Mrs. Matro Romy Apuan + Rosalia to tell the death + funeral of my father, but Romy say, they don’t receive any mail.  Hindi maasahan ang mail dito sa Filipinas

Honey wrote a letter to me dated Dec. 13, 1973 I receive it Dec. 27, 1973 – 14 days to receive air letter from the States.  I mailed card in Taphei Dec. 14, 1973 at 10:00 a.m.  Mailed letter Dec. 16, 1973, mailed ” (letter) Dec. 17, 1973 the date Father died at 8:00 p.m.  Mailed letter Jan. 5, 1974 Mailed letter Jan. 14, 1974.

Christmas eve 12:00 a.m. we had a media noche, barbecue pork, suman, bread makapuno, + coffee.  New Years eve 12:00 a.m. we had minudo, suman, halayang ube, bread, soup, + coffee.  lots of paputok, everywhere all people awake to welcome 1974.

Stay home everyday, sometimes visits Mareng Lusing + Pareng Amban’s house, Simang’s house Ruben + Gloria, Lucy gave me merienda every 10:00 a.m. Palitao, kutsinta, suman, bibingka + drinks, new year she gave me two ballots.

New Years went to Mariquina with Eddie, Kuya Martin, Leila + Lelone saw Ate Leona, Ediong family eat lunch, rice meat, halayang ube, leche plan + fruit salads, gave Ate P25.00 + Kuya Martin P15.00 Before going home went to Pacing’s house, there Icong + Coring’s family offering us to eat again, then we just drink even up.  Go home, passed by Ca charing’s house, I paid her $5.00 for the 2 sets, Honey + Mario got.  Then give all the remaining wood craft to Roger.  Ca charing invites us, me + Leila to be her guest at the Ugnayan (1/1/74) program there I met Tinting Ambo of San Bartolome, Ca charing introduce me to Mr. + Mrs. Eulalio de la Cruz, Councelor of Quezon City Body guard of Amoranta.  There he delivered a speech and even show me one of Balikbayan visitor, absent for 17 years, palakpakan ang niga tao.  I met Ms. Teodoro gave regards to Mr. Quintin Ramil Lots of people saw me at the end of the program, some come shake hands, happy to see me home.  Mrs. Bartolome is the principal of Gulod, Elem. School.

One Response to “Sunday Dec. 23, 1973”

  1. norma r matro at 1:45 pm #

    Mrs. Bartolome was my third grade teacher at Novaliches Elementary School in Gulod.

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