Jan. 5, 1974

28 Sep

went to Pasig.  Mareng Beatriz pick me + Leila, from their house Romy, Nene, Ieing, Leila + Boy + Rading’s wife + I went to Nayong Filipino, include Ilocos, Batangas, Bicol, Katagalugan, we went around until night, there I bought 1 barong tagalog, rug, slipper, salaan, flowers for souvenir.  Nene made a special program for me as Balikbayan visistor, give comfort, food drinks, lots of members Temple of God to celebrate the Three Kings + my arrival, visits the Green Hill market, + Capitolyo take pictures, we were all very happy, members gave me a gift, Romy a gift + Mareng Beatriz a white blouse.  Nene gave me a beautiful long gown embroidered, I appreciate it very much I was so happy and give them a short remarks in tagalog.  Sleep in Pasig one night Jan. 5, 1974 I can’t forget that memorable day, especially hearing Nene some verse from the Bible.  She is a very good speaker and teacher of the Bible Give questions + answers I’m proud of her and may God Bless her of that wonderful job she is doing now.  I’m so surprized to hear her talking about Bible.

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