Jan. 12, 1974

28 Sep

Go to Carinio, Paniqui with Leila, Eddie + Mandong Driver, anak ni Comadrong Ester I gave him P20.00.  Aeong send pork meat to Comadrong Istilita, 1 preserve to Rosalia 2 itlog na balat, Comadreng Maree 1 bottle of matamis na beans + 1 bag candy + pork from Aeong-Money given to Rosalia P50.00 Ruthy P10.00 Abeng P10.00 Pedro’s wife P15.00 Patring P10.00 Luming P10.o0 Eunice give P10.00 From Carinio stop by Gov. house, they were not home, theyre in Baguio see Manang Maria + gave her their gifts + to Berto.  Left the gift to Gov table went to Comadre’s Istilita’s hosue, while eating lunch, Berto arrive, Conrado arrive, so Fil’s uncle, Mom + Auntie.  After eating we went to pance, Comadre Maree with us passed by Lumings house served us coffee + crackers.  gift give to her, Manang Irmen went to Taltalon, Trining + family went to Manila, so I give the gifts to Cesar who was there.  Then drive again passed by Comadre Marcee’s house, served us variety of bread including Esemedang Malolos + coke.  She gave me a present plus Fil’s pictures + dresses, go again to Comadres Istilitas house, eat dinner again + sleep there.  In the morning we eat breakfast, pictures taken in front of their house + Paniqui Plaza, went to Eliong’s house, had conversations with his wife, while we are waiting for Eliong who come from Pura, he is very busy.  He was so happy to see me he said, batang bata ako at mataba, marame silong kunto noong kayay malilut pa, pareng masayong masaya ang magasawang Eiong, ice cream at masarap na pionono ang ipinakain sa amin. pinipigil kame ng tanghalian, pero maaga pa.  Take pictures in front of their house, Mrs. Castro + me, and the group, we left Paniqui 10:00 a.m. arrived Carinio 10:15 a.m. wait for buko to bring home, Pedro’s wife offer us cake + crackers.  We take home walang buko, hito, panutcha bananas.  Abong brought home from Nueva Viscaya, we stop Tarlac + Calumpit to buy something to eat in the car.  We arrived Novaliches 1:30 p.m.  Thank God for our nice trip to Carinio, Paniqui Pance + Canan, and the hospitality of Compadre, Comadre Josey, Chet, Boy, Manuel Roxas.  Sorry for Tony’s accident going Clark Air base to meet Conrado in the third time going to Clark Air base.


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