Lunes Dec. 24, 1973

26 Sep

Tayong, I + others visits the cemetery at 8:00.  I saw Novaliches is a very progressive city.

Nagdala ng pagkain ng akay lumating.  Mrs. Onate, Lally’s mom – 2 big oranges + bananas, Ca Asing papaya – Elezer’s mom – big papaya, bananas, La Paz eggs. aling Adoracion eggs, Gloria chico, tinuhog na saging, Simang cala-may kutsanta suman, Mareng Beatriz sumon + jam, Ca Iding – talong + papayas Lucy gave me mirienda every day, suman, palitao, mahablaneo, with seven up for drinks

Dec. 24, 1973 – 7:00 p.m. dinner at Eniong’s house with Leila, my godbrother, he is very rich + good.

Dec. 24, 1973 1:35 noche Buena, Acang prepare barbecue, halaya, suman, bread Sinang gave 2 makapuno coffee, 3:00 a.m. go to bed again

Dec. 24, 1973 Rosa Susano gave me a beautiful Belo, (black) She gave to Acang to give it to me.


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