Oct. 19, 2006 – Thursday

20 Sep

Wake up 7:00 a.m. exercise my head back + forth on bed.  Take morning medicine + 5 pellets for my ears. eat breakfast, 1/2 toast, jello, hot chocolate watch TV, wash my laundry – Gloria did – 8:00 a.m. take a bathe on the shower in my chair, water coming on the line.  I wash my hair, shampoo wash soap of my body, rinse me by the line coming warm water to clean my hair – Continue Oct. 19, 2006 Thursday -+ body, o I love it clean myself very well go out with towel on my head, go to room + dress – sweater – up, make up, write my diary.  10:00 a.m. Gloria go to work + be back on lunch time 10:00 watch TV Prize is right. eat candy on my mouth 11:00 a.m. take a nap up 12:00 a.m. time for lunch, eat rice tinumis, pakbit, banana fritters, water to drink 1:00 p.m. watch TV dry my laundry, fold them, camisole 6 watch TV put layers on my panty all have layers ready to wear. take night medicine. watch TV 8:00 p.m. go to bed + sleep, before eating dinner.


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