This is my Will if I die!

18 Sep

(This was written on one of the inside pages of the flower journal – blue and purple flowers.)

– Final –

Dec. 19, 1992 – 1993 – 1994 – 1995 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998 – 1999 –

This is my Will if I die!

1. I want to wear my Filipina gown. In my dresser want to wear my Filipino gown green, on the closet left side, in my drawer top of my drawer – my blue gown to wear if I die –

2. My bank account on Home Savings with Gloria + Jr’s name, will be divided equally to our seven children + spouses.

3. My Bank of America account – new mutual fund – is my expenses for myself if, some left, will be divided to my grandchildren + great grandchildren.  Mario’s name is there, + He will handle this will for me.

4. I have life insurance, Surety Life Ins. Jr. is the agent. that’s the expenses for my funeral.

5. Everything in my room + all my jewelry is up to Norma + Gloria what they like to do with it, clothing

6. If I’m weak, can’t move I like to stay in hospital.

7. I’ll like all my children + grandchildren to visit our graves (Dad + Mom.) some times in their life.

8. Safe is left for Louie + Gloria;


– Please, Mario handle my Will! –

I loves you all!


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