Saturday May 9, 1999

18 Sep

(Mother’s) (Day – Sunday)

Joy gave me this day, Album book + heartfeel card to me happy, cry for happiness.  There Jen gave me a crystal base, ricola, candy where all I want, she knows what I like + card make me cry of happiness I’m very very lucky Mother + Grandma with out them.  Im so lonely on the lonley passed of their Daddy Ramil.  I’m happy I enjoy myself in living with Louie + Gloria, and once more about Don, + Judy she helps me, accompany me, + all my loving grandchildren. thank you from the bottom of heart.  One more happy moment last night all campers get together in one place enjoy dinner of different food, special one was Bolone fried in good taste.  Jeff dive the Pacific Ocean, he got 4 Balone.  248 people camper, lined to get food.  Go to bed 9:00 p.m. + sleep. 1:00 p.m. go back home Sunday

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