January 1, 2004

18 Sep

Sept 3, 2003 I withdraw all the money from Home Loan.  transfer to Mutual Fund + deposit to Bank of America the amount of $41,338.18 then withdraw from Bank of America $41,000.00.  left in my checking account $388.18 to spend.  Seven children + family want to put the $41,000.00 on investment to ear more their shares in our property Novaliches, Quezon City Philippines where the money come from + by (word) some amount from my 2 checks going to Bank of America My husband did everything for my security, no worry in my life.  So they select a 11 acre of land, big house to buy, so I draw all the money, closed my Account of Mutual Fund.  Penalty for closing the account was $270.00.  So in Sept 3, 2003 we put the $41,000.00 for down payment in Lotus, Calif, 10 acres land + big house, everybody like it there. we go there every weekend stay there.  Boys work cleaning the yard.  Louie improve the house, painting, repairing.  We spend their the Baptizmal Party of Reagan, Thanksgiving, New year eve.  people from Long Beach, Huntington Beach visit the place, they all like the place quiet, peaceful, 2 hours drive from Concord to Lotus.  Seven children + their spouse donate TV, beds, table, chairs, oven, microven, washer, dryer, bunk beds, curtain, dishes, spoon, fork, knives every thing, new couch for the living room, pots + pan, plates, cups, saucer, trays old couch in the family room.

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