Feb. 22, 1992 – Saturday.

18 Sep

Wake up 7:00 a.m. wash my face, brush my teeth + dress up with shirts for the Competition.  Concord calld at 1:10 p.m. to dance, good, perfect, no mistake about 500 girls join the competition California high school cheerleader. lots of Mothers attend, at 3:06 p.m. they will perform again Pom pom – sorry I dont watch it, because Jr. + Tessie pick me to go to Mass of Filipino priest, one hour service, Jr. in the choir, Tessie didn’t she no practice, they serve some Filipino delicacies + drinks, then go to Fred + Ope’s house to eat dinner with nilagong manok. inichao na bangus may vege sa look ng bangus.  Fred had 2 sons I gave the older on $5.00, younger $3.00 as I don’t have cash.  Then 7:00 p.m. Jr. + Tessie went to dance, they’ll be back to Fred’s house to sleep there Saturday night, then Fred, two (word) + me left too to drive me to Irvin, the (word) place for Competition – Fred save Gloria.  I watch again the competition + distributing the thropies who was first, second + Concord High School Songleader received 3 big trophies, going to Irvine + go back to Disneyland Hotel Big train drive us, all people who were at Disneyland include with the Hotel payment.  We rides three times of ride in Disneyland, eat frozen bananas on the way to see beautiful plants flowers, water fountain. – Judy + Mom in one bed, Gloria + me in one bed – at the hotel.  After the competition ride they big train go to hotel.  I met Judy’s Mom + we get closer + closer, she escorts me on walking all over the place.  I like her, I love her, in the hotel one Mother gave us massage on our back on bed.  I can’t forget that lady.  I feel good.

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