“Fausta” Journal – Part 4 (School Years)

18 Sep



Q. Did you go to school as a child? If so, what schools did you attend for grades K-12? If you did not go to school, how were you educated?

A. Yes, Elementary school

Q. How did you get to school each day, and what was the size of your class? If you were taught one-room style, what was the age range of your classmates?

A. Novaliches, Elementary 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 No high school

I play baseball, short stop in grade 5-6

Q. If you attended high school, but did not graduate 12th grade, why did you drop out?

A. No high school

Q. How important was formal education to your family, and how far did your parents expect your education to go? Did your family want you to pursue a specific course of study or job path?

A. Yes, can’t affored rent for house

Q. Did you like schoo? What were your favorite subjects, and why?

A. Spelling + reading

Q. Who was your best friend, and what made that friendship endure? Are you still close today?

A. I have three best friends, 1 passe away, 1 living in Manila P.I, 1 living Makare P.I.

Q. During your school years, who, if anyone, did you look to for guidance and advice, and how did that person positively affect your life?

A. My father + mother

Q. What were your plans for the rest of your life?

A. I am old (ninety six.) 96

Prefer to stay in Concord, Live with Louie + Gloria in Concord. I have my own bedroom with TV. They are all good to me, waiting for my call. Grandma Ramil

I like to live in Concord because near Livermore, where I will be buried at the side of my husband grave. The place is paid already.


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