“Fausta” Journal – Part 3 (Family Life)

18 Sep



Q. What was it like growing up in your family?

A. Children growing

Q. Who provided the income in your family, what did they do for a living, and how well off was your family?

A. My wonderful, beloved husband. He did everything for my security. Dont worry

Q. Was there more than one language spoken in your home, or in your parents’ home? If so, what was it, and why was it kept alive or forgotten?

A. Yes, English, Tagalog

Q. What did you do in the afternoons, after school, when you were growing up?

A. Play

Q. What did you do in the evenings, after supper, when you were growing up?

A. Sleep

Q. How would you spend your weekends when you were growing up?

A. Play + sleep

Q. Did you or another family member play a musical instrument? If you played an instrument, how did you learn to play?

A. I dont play music

Q. What kind of music would your parents listen to; what would you listen to if you were by yourself?

A. Hym music at church

Q. What sort of magazines and books did your family like to read? Is there a book or group of books that were important to you when you were growing up?

A. Bible

Q. Did you have a pet? Is there a story you or your family like to tell about it?

A. None

Q. What was it like to go to the movies when you were growing up, how much did it cost, and what stars and films were your favorites?

A. No I don’t

Q. How and where did you spend your summers as a child?

A. Novaliches, Quezon City

Q. If your family took a vacation, where would they go, how would they get there, and what did they do?

A. Went to Hawaii, Have Two children reidecne in Hawaii

Q. What was it like when you went to big family gatherings as a child? Where would they be held, who would attend, and how did everyone act?

A. Reinion of family in Lotus, Calif. We have property there, house on 5 aktare land.

Q. Did anyone oustide your immediate family live with you while you were growing up, such as aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents? If so, who, for how long, and why?

A. Nieces + nephews, 1 year


Q. What religion were your parents?

A. Methodist Church, IEMEFIF Church

Q. Do you still belong to that faith? If not, do you now adhere to another faith, and, if so, what made you change your religion?

A. Yes

Q. If you no longer practice an organized religion, what part does religion or spirituality play in your life? How and why did you come to this?

A. My father a minister no we come to Methodist


Q. How many places did you live while you were growing up, where were they, and which one do you consider your “home town?”

A. Married life Live in many places, Pasay, Hawaii, Novaliches, Tarlar, Philippines, Stockton, Livermore, Concord

Q. What was your home town like?

A. Beautiful, San Francisco

Q. Describe your house there, including its address, size, modern conveniences, and surroundings

A. Beautiful

Q. Did you have your own room? If not, with whom did you share a room, or a bed?

A. Yes Concord TV inside the room

Q. What do you remember about your neighborhood and neighbors?

A. All good, neighbors


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