My Autography of my life

17 Sep

(This was written by Grandma in the red velvet journal with a cat on the cover.  It is unknown when she actually wrote her “Autography” – the journal includes entries from 1988, 1997, 2002 and 2005)

– Page (1) Fausta Reyes Ramil – Born Dec. 19, 1910

From Grade I to grade 6 in Novaliches)

Philippines 20 years old)

My Autography of my life.

1930 I work as sewer in the tailor shop of Carias Biglang-awa, I sew Barong Tagalog, Kaki pants, camisachitno, he pay me 70 centavos one wigan or stapo kaki pants, people from Ipo + Lamesa Dam are our customers, we had lots of orders, so Carias hire Ca Asing, me, Mameng, Toneng, Quita + Orang to sew at his shop.

1927 Quintin A. Ramil come to Novaliches by cariton + carabao for his transportation to visit his brother Mr. Pedro Ramil + his family in Novaliches, there at the Iemelif church were be members, introduce Mr. Pedro Ramil his brother Quintin to me, then there begin courting me, he work as secretary of Mr. Mateo Austria in his business in Novaliches.  1929 July 13 he joined the U.S. Navy in Cavite, P.I. stationed in Cavite, after three months he was transfer to US.S Chaumont, sailing around the world, there he send me love letters every week.  I answer him, I write letter to him too.  He keep all my letters to him + I keep His letters to me in my

Grandma, age 22 or 23

– Page (2)  Autograp of my life (Fausta)

apardor with glass mirror, where I keep my clothes.  We were engaged for six years, some people in Novaliches know that I’m engaged to a Navy Man, some like me, they said he will not come home + marry you, better marry some other man here, there are lots of white girls in America for him, one of who likes me is Marciana Habli, inspector of Halili transit in Novaliches to Manila + Duiseria market in Manila. he is from Maldes Bulakan + two from Novaliches who likes to marry me, but I told them, if Quintin will not come home + marry me, I will not marry any body else, he is my love forever.  In November 1934 he arrived + direct talk to my Father + Mother, with his Brother Pedro Ramil a sanitary inspector in Novaliches married to Maria Bernandino + have two sons, Armando + Benjamin.  Talking about our getting married on Dec. 2, 1934 Our wedding was in the Cathedral of Imelif in Tondo, Manila, Ob. Francisco Gregario officiated the Ceremony. About hundred people come to reception in our house

Grandma's and Grandpa's Wedding - December 2, 1934

– Page (3)

with house gifts to us.  My Comdre Joele + Compadre Lelo, donate to our Wedding the Novaliches Band.  Santiago Tala played the cornitten, our wedding was very very happy one, lots of people happy with us.  We spend our HoneyMoon at Pasay and the province of Tarlac, P.I.  After our honeymon, we review our letters together + last burn them, no space in my apardor.  When he was in the Navy I was left with my parents home, my allowance was $40.00 a month.  I did not spend it.  I eat with my parents.  I keep all the money, every three months he come home for a week, then 1937 Pastora Paning Abuelda tell me to buy theier house, which is big + high build, Pastor Miguel the husband is a carpenter, so the house is real nice.  To surprize to my husband while he was at US.S. Malard, I bought the house for P1,30.00 I paid cash as I have the money.  When Honey arrived, as I call him, we have already a beautiful house, he was so surprized he ask me, where did you get the money

– Page (4)

I told him I gave all my allotment, no spending living with my parents, he was so happy + thankful.  1938 April 12, I gave birth to a beautiful son Jr. Ramil, 7 pds 12 ounces.  We lived in that house, we repair, put store under, I sell sari sari store, then my parents move with us.  1948 We lived in Navy housing in Hawaii for two years, where Lindo born July 2, 1948.  1940 Miss Carinio a registered nurse rent of our room in the house.  Then 1941 – my husband stationed US.S. Chester 1941 – I was three months pregnant of Norma my husband – I gave birth to Norma July 10, 1942 – left since then War – 2 – broke up + we don’t hear from him, all our furniture was taken from our house, we hide in the cave of Mang Indo’s sheter in the mountain, my father, Mother, me + Jr.  Acang Tayong, Eddie + P.I. live together with Otong, Simang + Ruben, my father catches fish – dalag at the river + plant camotorey kahay for our food in 1941-1942-1943-1944 Then 1945 my husband come home.  Norma was three years old when her Dad come home, she don’t know him.  Miss Carinio was my Nurse when I give birth to Norma.

Grandma and Grandpa with Baby Jr.

– Page (5)

Then 1946 I gave birth to Mario June 21, 1946 We lived in our house in Novaliches, my husband still in the service, every three months he abroad USS. Chester, home port in Manila.  Then 1947 my husband stationed in Hawaii me, Jr., Norma + Mario lived there in Navy housing where I gave birth to Al July 2. 1948 – Tripple Hospital Hawaii – 1949 my husband retired from the Navy of 20 years service, so 1950 we went to Philippines for good, we had poultry supply for sale, we had poultry, piggery, fish pond telapia) and several joke boxes, every store in Novaliches Plaza we had jokeboxes, Jr. is collecting the money every weedends.  They go to school Jr. Manila Central University.  Norma Far Eastern University the board Halili transit back + forth, Novaliches to Manila.

In 1949 I gave birth to Gloria Nov. 10, 1949 We have deep well with thank, water to go to the house + bathroom.  We repair our house for more bed rooms.  We owned lots almost of half of the block.  I thought my husband is well happy with this life

Grandma and Grandpa in front of their house in Hawaii.

– Page (6)

We are receiving his Navy pension every month.  1953 my Mother dies of Cancer, she was three times operated in her stomach, still the cancer kill her.  Her body lies in Tayong’s house + the food furnish me in our house, every visitor, come eat in our house, where food is well prepared.  Many people help us to cook and serve.  After three days Sunday was the funeral from the Iemelif church to the cemetary Lots of people join us in our lonely house.  Every days goes by, we are happy of our life, Honey, me, Jr. Norma, Mario, Lindo Gloria, + Cesar.  But in 1956 he made his mind to all of us to go to America because Jr. will be 18 years old, so before he will be 18 years, we decide to go to U.S.  We sold all our property + house, Tayong + Acang buy our house + Lot – Melly Roxas + lat Manuel Pineda That time $worth P2.00, we spend almost $1000.00 for papers, clothing + everything We had cleared $10,000.00 in our pocket coming to US.  We bought car cash $1,000.00 in Vallejo, we board USS Mallard from

Immigration photo of Norma, Mario, Lindo, Gloria, Cesar

– Page (7)

Manila to San Francisco, Compadre Tamayo (Jo’s Ninong) pick us to stay in their house for four months.  Honey don’t have job, so while in Vallejo, we pick prunce at Suisuin, Honey + Jr. punch the branches of trees, + we all pick the fruits on the ground, they pay us by the box.  April 1956, we bought a house in Stockton from Mrs Wyly at 205 West Magnolia St. for $5,000.00 pay her monthly for $36.00 My husband find a job at Veterans hospital, see he commute morning + afternoon from Livermore to Stockton, then Jr. join the Navy too after his schooling in Stockton, so with Norma finish high school in Stockton + go to college.

April 1962 we bought a house on 625 Falon Way, Livermore for $15,000.00 for 30 years paid $140.00 a month, we are very happy living in Livermore, go to church Asbury United Methodist church, member of Filipino, American orga. of Livermore, my husband two times president of the organization + 1 time treasurer, we attend all the meetings, Honey a member of Masons + Retired persons, pta president.  His hobby

– Page (8)

play bowling on weekends + watch TV Boxing game.  We lived in Livermore from April 1962, he work 10 years from government so his retired in 1959 – Total retirement 30 years.  He was sick so 1978 we begin walking every day around the block for 40 minutes, he don’t recover.  Then in May 15, 1980 he went to Veterans Hospital, every day I visit him with Mike, May 28, me, Mike + Sandy visit him, late night he like me to stay with him in hospital, but Mike said I don’t have room to stay, so I went home with Mike + Sandy, five a.m., May 29, 1980, he passed away, hospital called us.  Early in the morning we were in hospital, we don’t see him, until he was in Callaghan Mortuary, the loneliest time in life, the seems the world is too dark.  he was so good, kind to me, Before he died he did everything for my life at present.  I don’t have to worry.  I stay in the house alone for 5 months, then Nov. 1980 Mike was schooling in UC Berkeley.  Nov. 29, 1980 Cesar married Anita.  They lived with me for three years Melanie was born June 7, 1982.  Mike married Sandy Aug. 29, 1981, they both buy

– Page (9)

houses in Springtown.  1985.  We sell our house in Livermore Dec. 1985 for $104,000.00, after paying 2 loans, agent, cleaning repairing, spraying, the house, + all expenses clear $6,000.00 which divided to all children each one gets a share of $10,000.00.  Now I moved to Gloria’s place Sept. 22, 1985 have my own room. go out every Jason’s game to other cities, take a vacation to Hawaii, Ohio, and see other places here in Cal. + we went to Lake Tahoe in every summer.  I’m going to Dr. sometimes Not to forget I had an accident last Nov. 26 1985.  I’m cooking pancit, because of heat I feel unconcious + place my right hand on top of the stove, degree burns of my hand + fingers, my right thumb was cut off by the nails.  I have my income every month, which my dearest husband did for my benefit, I don’t have to worry.  I had my life insurance for my funeral the lot is paid since my husband did at his side at Memory Lane in Livermore.

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