Fourth of July 4, 1994

17 Sep

Robber took Norma’s purse + mine, everything inside (July 4, 1994 in Aiea, Hawaii)

Things inside my purse the robber took Monday night

ID card – (in compact)

S. Security card + cards of all my children

important papers. Bank of America card

4 earrings.  pasek (?) – (watch pulzar)

“white diamonds Mario gave me from Philippines

small scissor, twister in (compack)

powder compact, lipstick

eye brow pencil – Norma’s birthday card with $50.o0 check on it.

black gloves – sun glass

red cap, fan, Norma gave me for Mother’s Day


Money – Bank of America card to take cash. 

Bank of America check book

Book for everything make checks

Pictures of me + my husband

Pictures of Jr. + grandchildren

No 2) dollar 1 brush for my hair

coup drops in a celapine + gum

Family pictures with Titing + Auring taken in Livermore

2 tickets from Honolulu to L.A. + ticket from L.A. to San Diego. Hawaiian Airlines + Delta airlines

key of my suit case + a card where all Pres. of U.S. from first President + Vice President up to Pres. Reagan. there years of President + Vice President on the card.

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